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      Liverpool – Minibus Hire With Drivers


      Liverpool started off as a borough in the 12th century before graduating to a city in late 18th century. A lot of its transformation is owed to the industrial revolution that placed it strategically for the coming of the Trans-Atlantic trade. But there is more to this beautiful city, including the privilege of being the port where RMS Titanic set sail.

      As Liverpool minibus hire with drivers , we want you to stay comfortable and enjoy the attractions of this city. We will give you special day tour packages and even provide a chauffeur for you. All you need is to visit our website and order minibus hire with driver, and we arrange the rest for you.

      Things to Do in Liverpool

      Liverpool is a town of diversity, from its culture, its architecture to its people. Additionally, many of the attractions within the city are labelled World Heritage sites by UNESCO. As Liverpool Minibus Hire Company, we want you to visit all these attractions in style so we will put you in a Mercedes 16 seater or a Ford Transit 32 seater.

      Day Trip to the Docks

      Being one of the major British ports, the Liverpool Docks have been around for quite a while and have been receiving some renovating over the years. The oldest dock is ‘Wet Dock’ that first came to use in 1715; it was also the first ever dock to use hydraulic cranes. Then there is Stanley Dock which was completed in the beginning of the 19th century. Formerly, it was frequently for Tobacco transport with the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse being just a stone’s throw away. Today it is a building which is voted to have the most brick work.

      If you cannot make it to any of these two, then make sure you don’t miss out on Albert Dock, which is the most famous dock in Liverpool. It is more advanced and now houses two hotels, shops, cafeterias and pubs.

      The Bluecoat Chambers

      Notably the oldest building in central Liverpool, it also astonishes with its architectural magnificence. In the 17th century, it was used as a charity school. Late it became an art venue rented by Sandon Studio Society. It remained an art centre to date, and voted as the oldest existing art centre in entire Britain. Right from when you enter the gate, the Georgian architecture dazzles you as you walk in to get acquainted with Liverpool’s artistic side.

      The Liverpool Town Hall

      As a Grade I listed building, it is the oldest in the whole of Liverpool. Right on Castle Street is where the Town Hall is located, and it bears tales that date as far as the 17th century. Tourists, locals and even the Liverpool Government vote the Town Hall to be the most beautiful piece of Georgian Architecture in the whole city.

      Victoria Street

      Victoria Street is the liveliest lane with lots of people, shops and some culture to interact with. It also happens to be the street with many of Liverpool’s listed attractions, so talk about killing two birds with one stone. We will provide you a minibus hire with driver so you can explore the entire Victorian Street better. Be sure to pick a souvenir with you to remind you of the interesting shops or people you met.

      Events in Liverpool

      Liverpool is famous for hosting many international events that bring tourists from all walks of life. Here are some events you definitely have to check out while visiting.

      1) The Tanko Main Event (Thai Boxing), Bolton Arena, Liverpool (14th May 2016)
      2) Ship &Mitre Easter Beer Festival, Wirral Merseyside, Liverpool (24 Mar 2016)
      3) Banff Mountain Film Festival, Plaza Community, Liverpool (26th Feb 2016)

      Why Choose Us

      Our minibus hire with drivers in Liverpool employs the best drivers for the job for all our buses. We will provide you with several Mercedes buses or Volvos and put a friendly driver behind the wheels. We guarantee they are friendly and will be your tour guide for the day.